Adoptable cats



Glory had a rough start to life, but she is quickly learning to trust people. She has a huge personality and would make a great friend for someone who is ready to play for hours on end!  This little firecracker will definitely keep you on your toes. Because of her boundless energy, Glory is well-suited for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Glory is almost six months old and has been spayed.

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***ADOPTION PENDING*** True to his name, this little boy is sure to make every day brighter. Nothing phases Sunny! Despite a rocky first few weeks of life, Sunny is always ready to play with anyone who is willing. Sunny is about eight weeks old.

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Clementine is as sweet as can be. Clementine was a little wary of people when she arrived at the Clinic, but now she is a cuddlebug! She is a happy little girl who loves wrestling with her brother, Sunny, and cuddling with her sister, Summer. Clementine is about eight weeks old.

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Summer has certainly had an eventful first few weeks in the world, so you can't blame her for being a little bit shy. Daily love and cuddles are helping her come out of her shell! This sweet girl has lots of love to give, and she'll make a great friend for someone willing to give it back.  Summer is about eight weeks old.